today i am showing you a trend i’ve been really into lately.

when you wear lots of rings like me, you probably noticed that life’s not easy for us. we get stuck a lot (damn those knits), it takes an hour to get them on every morning, even accidentally scratch our boyfriends (and ourselves as well!), but its so worth it. i love looking at my hands and see a real finger-party there.

if you’re not convinced of the coolness of wearing many rings, you really should take a look at this inspiring gallery.


11 a writers wardrobe@awriterswardrobe

10 they all hate us@theyallhateus

09 fashion snap

08 dirty little style whore@dirtylittlestylewhore

i really like the 925 silver rings, they don’t fade in color, plus: for 5 bucks you’ve got yourself a fine piece. i also like that you can rotate each day, so you can play with the volume and create some diversion.

07 buzz feed

06 the love@the love

05 studdded hearts

04 femme belle@femmebelle

03 who what ear

i always used to like gold, but since i work at SIX, an accessory shop, i find that silver is also really cool and stylish.

03 the glossier nerd@the glossier nerd

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01 styleandcheck

convinced yet?? YES!!  run off to your local accessory shop and get yo’self some cute rings!

PS: see my instagram (sidebar) how i style my ring party 😉

so, how do you style your rings? more into the clean and simple style, or do you like to be a walking little metal shop like me? 😉

XOXO, daphny

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