hello fellow style lovers!

although i think of myself as a real style chameleon, i tend to switch from style to style every year/season/random moment. where last year i loved the bohemian style and felt really good in it, now i just want to wear black all the time. i am really into street style lately, with a touch of grunge. loving this style as well? i set up a 10 item-list to easily transform your wardrobe to a kickass-grunge-stockholm-streetstyle gal. take a look!!

note: the following gallery may not seem quite in balance, but i will pick out the items that do totally match this particular style 😉

#1 bomberjack

especially a black, thick bomberjack is essential in this grungy-streetstyle look. i love the ‘hello, i’m a security guard’ feeling that it brings, ha!!

#2 nice, cozy vintage sweaters.

@ sugadome

nerdy and oversized sweaters are super comfy, warm and superdope this winter. you can pair them with either a skinny jeans/legging, or a cool mom/boyfriend jeans.

#3 beanies
@ninja cosmico

effortless, bad-hairday proof, immediate grungy feelings.

#4 doc martens
@stockholm streetstyle

@estefanie perez-delgado

need i say more? low-version or normal version, it’s just right.

#5 a denim jacket

in almost every style, denim plays a huge part. i love the oversized, light denim jackets. with a warm sweater or vest underneath, you can conquer the world.


#6 mom jeans
ninja cosmico
@vanda kotranynerdy jeans are non-negotiable.

#7 sports tee
picture a nice bulls top with the bomber jacket. so freakin’ cool! i’m still looking for the perfect basketball tee tough -lol-.

#8 vans
MIJA FLATAUfrench scrapbook
@french scrapbook

old-skool is where street style and grungestyle come together and join paths. embrace the ol’ black & white vans. they’ll be your friends.

#9 black & white plain tops

Processed with VSCOcam with 3 preset

ok, the basics in every closet. but definitely with the street style look going on, you must invest (and by invest i mean invest in the search for) the perfect, loose tee/crop top/longsleeve )!

#10. cool kicks

and to top it all off, treat yourself with some timeless cool sneakers. i currently adore my all white 90’s nike air max pair. they go with anything and i think are the crown jewel of the grungy street style look.

with these elements, you are SO ready for the streets!!

tell me what your favorite style at the moment is ! and do you change it a lot or is it just the season that makes you try other things?? i’m so curious!

XOXO, daphny


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