i really think it’s a big fashion-loss that we don’t wear fishnet tights more often. although many of us interpretate them as trashy, i think they are a victim of #underestimatement.

take a look through this fishnet-tights gallery and treat yourself with a nice pair of these crazy cool tights!


02 gossip girl@ gossip girl

i think we all remember taylor momsen’s fashion break through when she got grunge:
i couldn’t love her more…look at how she rocks the tights !!

02 the sartorialist@ the sartorialist

underneath an oversized denim and some heels,
you will rock the night. 

03 land of escape@land of escape

great example on how fishnets can be integrated in a
preppy, sporty, british look.

03 no mediocre tumblr
@ no mediocre (tumblr)

or just add fishnet socks with your open sandals!

04 harpers bazaar@ harpers bazaar

dakota fanning showing us the light: she pairs fishnets with an all black outfit and creates an grunge as well superhighfashion look…

05 le happy@le happy

i’m a big fan of wearing them just with shorts.

06 daily mail@daily mail

fishnets trashy? how superchic is this look?? #nothingbutlove 😉

07 daily mail@daily mail

even our friend miley knows fishnets = fashion. rock on miley !

08 mery@mery

another idea on how to wear fishnet socks:
bare legged, denim, a white blouse and some leather is all you need.


mine are too ripped to wear and i need to buy myself some new ones: but since i am on a no-shopping-spree until the end of the year, they will have to wait :(

how do you wear your tights?

XOXO, daphny

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