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sorry, really into my sport-logos lately. #notsorry

i really have the best friends ever. particularly, the best friend in the world who bought me this kick-ass sweater. i can’t even begin to start how cool this baby makes me feel.
well, when i wear it, it kinda makes me feel to put on my NY cap, put on my poker face and chill in the ghetto all night. you get the feeling?

i mostly wear it when chilling, cause its not really a going-out or going-to-work kind of sweater.  😉 but who cares, i rule the world in this bad boy.

styled with black jeans and boots, it maybe gets even more detroit-street style, but this is really the look i am going for these days.


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been scrollin’ for hours over the web and found some items that must be worn. especially by me.

here we go! #1: white jeans. i am so really into black and white lately, that i must invest in some great, wearable items. i have spotted the white jeans to be very fashionable, as well street style-proof, comfy and cool!




#2: loving stripes again (still?). i found that the simplicity of stripes can be very stylish and cool at the same time. and how cute is this over the knee oversized tshirt-dress?


#3: chelsea boots. i have only 1 great pair, but they are dying on me, so time to replace them. rocking’ cool, with a cute dress or jeans or…. well, good for any outfit!!



#4. yeah. this coat. i cannot tell you how many hours i have been staring at this coat, i mean: look at the color, the instant-hotness it brings… no need to waste more words on this beauty. love, just love.



#5: doc martens.
still doubting if these babies would look cool on me. i do not have the smallest feet,    so they might look big…but why would i care right. i think they still will look amazing, with a nice white sock or just bare ankles: so many street style looks have inspired me to put them on my wishlist.



#6: fjall raven backpack.
though i will immediately be marked as hipster, i need this honey in my life. i am not really a bag-person, because i think they’re all too decent to match my style, so i love the backpacks. and omg: it’s pink.



#7: a long knit dressy kind of thing. i am so in love with the idea of bare legs, huge long chunky knit and cool boots, i can’t wait to experiment with it. what do you think??8@asos


what are your favorite items and what’s on your wish list these days?? hope i can get you inspired, and you will inspire me!!

XOXO, daphny




today is a special day. 
i am showing you one of my items that i have for so long, but totally lost out of sight: 

the biker jacket. 

a while back, i was cleaning out my closet (well, boxes stuffed away in the corners of the room) with my friend. when i threw this item at her, she went crazy and forced me to wear it. sceptic as i were, because i thought the arms just weren’t right for me, i tried it on.
and what happened: i fell in love! 

at the age of 13, my parents, brother and i went to florence, italy. if you have ever been there, you know the leather market there is amazing. i wanted a leather jacket for years back then -indoctrinated by the great michael jackson, who wore lots of them- , and when i found this one i literally got mad. and when a total stranger, also at the market who saw me try it on, told me that i looked “so new yorkish” well: that was all i needed to hear. 

but somehow it ended up in the corner of the room, in a box (which is actually so depressing as i am typing this right now 😉 ) and i never really worn it. 

until a few weeks back. 

so long story about my jacket, time to take a look how i styled it.


i wore it with black high waist skinny jeans, my all time favorite boots and a turtleneck sweater. oh, and how cool are my glasses? i got them for only 1 € at the accessory shop where i work: six. 

so what do you think of the jacket? it’s so tough, powerful leather, i am really loving it again…




i feel like i am such a badass 😉 HAHA !

so what do you think? do you have an item with a similar story? let me know !!!

XOXO, daphny


since i have never formally introduced myself and my blog, here is a little story into the history of my blog.

you know the feeling you get the best ideas just before your good nights sleep kicks in? story of my life.

every night, right before i close my eyes, the best ideas pop in my mind. like for starters: this blog! i started it over 5 years ago, when i just wanted to share my outfits and my love for illustrations. five years later, i am still struggling with finding my own personal way of sharing articles. because you know, time, graduating, work, friends….

so i decided blogging for me will always be my hobby: i cannot promise 5 articles per week, because ‘rules’ (even my own) scare me and i am fighting them.
‘al dromend’ means ‘while i was dreaming’, because when i dream, i am my best self.

no rules, no limit, everything is possible. 

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you know those days where you stand in front of your closet feeling like this:


well, today was like that.
here’ what i came up with:

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