didn’t see that one coming?

man i love to be a woman! (well sometimes actually, i’m more of a tomboy kind of gal if you did not know that already -lol- )

these shots were taken two weeks ago when i was with my friend the photographer, whom you will also meet in this blog!

the weather was so soft then, so i really wanted to wear these thrifted culottes, i really like the plissé effect that it gives. super fashionable, along with these asos heels that i got this summer for a wedding. styled off with my favorite turtleneck knit, i think it’s still a nice, cozy but fashionable look.

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i really think it’s a big fashion-loss that we don’t wear fishnet tights more often. although many of us interpretate them as trashy, i think they are a victim of #underestimatement.

take a look through this fishnet-tights gallery and treat yourself with a nice pair of these crazy cool tights!

01 yayer.com@yayer

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today i am showing you a trend i’ve been really into lately.

when you wear lots of rings like me, you probably noticed that life’s not easy for us. we get stuck a lot (damn those knits), it takes an hour to get them on every morning, even accidentally scratch our boyfriends (and ourselves as well!), but its so worth it. i love looking at my hands and see a real finger-party there.

if you’re not convinced of the coolness of wearing many rings, you really should take a look at this inspiring gallery.


11 a writers wardrobe@awriterswardrobe
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10.11 | KISS MY AIR

sorry, really into my sport-logos lately. #notsorry

i really have the best friends ever. particularly, the best friend in the world who bought me this kick-ass sweater. i can’t even begin to start how cool this baby makes me feel.
well, when i wear it, it kinda makes me feel to put on my NY cap, put on my poker face and chill in the ghetto all night. you get the feeling?

i mostly wear it when chilling, cause its not really a going-out or going-to-work kind of sweater.  😉 but who cares, i rule the world in this bad boy.

styled with black jeans and boots, it maybe gets even more detroit-street style, but this is really the look i am going for these days.


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been scrollin’ for hours over the web and found some items that must be worn. especially by me.

here we go! #1: white jeans. i am so really into black and white lately, that i must invest in some great, wearable items. i have spotted the white jeans to be very fashionable, as well street style-proof, comfy and cool!




#2: loving stripes again (still?). i found that the simplicity of stripes can be very stylish and cool at the same time. and how cute is this over the knee oversized tshirt-dress?


#3: chelsea boots. i have only 1 great pair, but they are dying on me, so time to replace them. rocking’ cool, with a cute dress or jeans or…. well, good for any outfit!!



#4. yeah. this coat. i cannot tell you how many hours i have been staring at this coat, i mean: look at the color, the instant-hotness it brings… no need to waste more words on this beauty. love, just love.



#5: doc martens.
still doubting if these babies would look cool on me. i do not have the smallest feet,    so they might look big…but why would i care right. i think they still will look amazing, with a nice white sock or just bare ankles: so many street style looks have inspired me to put them on my wishlist.



#6: fjall raven backpack.
though i will immediately be marked as hipster, i need this honey in my life. i am not really a bag-person, because i think they’re all too decent to match my style, so i love the backpacks. and omg: it’s pink.



#7: a long knit dressy kind of thing. i am so in love with the idea of bare legs, huge long chunky knit and cool boots, i can’t wait to experiment with it. what do you think??8@asos


what are your favorite items and what’s on your wish list these days?? hope i can get you inspired, and you will inspire me!!

XOXO, daphny