since i have never formally introduced myself and my blog, here is a little story into the history of my blog.

you know the feeling you get the best ideas just before your good nights sleep kicks in? story of my life.

every night, right before i close my eyes, the best ideas pop in my mind. like for starters: this blog! i started it over 5 years ago, when i just wanted to share my outfits and my love for illustrations. five years later, i am still struggling with finding my own personal way of sharing articles. because you know, time, graduating, work, friends….

so i decided blogging for me will always be my hobby: i cannot promise 5 articles per week, because ‘rules’ (even my own) scare me and i am fighting them.
‘al dromend’ means ‘while i was dreaming’, because when i dream, i am my best self.

no rules, no limit, everything is possible. 

but i can promise that i am gonna make a new start for ‘al dromend‘, with a new design, new outfit posts, and more style inspo-galleries.


so al dromend, which literally means: while i was dreaming, is my personal little hideout here on the net. if you like my style, please follow and i will keep you posted!!
and please forgive my daydreaming  ; )

and here’s a little color/fabric inspo, just for you: my favorite (yet not original) color these days: grey.










agree?? 😉

XOXO, daphny

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