didn’t see that one coming?

man i love to be a woman! (well sometimes actually, i’m more of a tomboy kind of gal if you did not know that already -lol- )

these shots were taken two weeks ago when i was with my friend the photographer, whom you will also meet in this blog!

the weather was so soft then, so i really wanted to wear these thrifted culottes, i really like the plissé effect that it gives. super fashionable, along with these asos heels that i got this summer for a wedding. styled off with my favorite turtleneck knit, i think it’s still a nice, cozy but fashionable look.

IMG_505601 IMG_507205

i really like wearing turtlenecks, these days you can combine them with anything: jeans, skirts, culottes 😉 just love the warm/cozyness they bring, and they’re superhot this winter

oh and what do you think of my (well, old) hair here? i’ve dyed it now and can’t wait to show you! pics will follow soon i promise 😉
here i used hair product ( i believe it was wax or something) which i never use. but when i want to wear it out of my face, i really like a wet look so i tried to create it here.

IMG_506303 IMG_507004  

meet my photographer marein van hooff! amazing skills, this girl has.

heels: asos
culottes: thifted
sweater: zara
watch: casio

hope you’ll leave your comments on this look!

XOXO, daphny 



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