10.11 | KISS MY AIR

sorry, really into my sport-logos lately. #notsorry

i really have the best friends ever. particularly, the best friend in the world who bought me this kick-ass sweater. i can’t even begin to start how cool this baby makes me feel.
well, when i wear it, it kinda makes me feel to put on my NY cap, put on my poker face and chill in the ghetto all night. you get the feeling?

i mostly wear it when chilling, cause its not really a going-out or going-to-work kind of sweater.  😉 but who cares, i rule the world in this bad boy.

styled with black jeans and boots, it maybe gets even more detroit-street style, but this is really the look i am going for these days.





we got it at utrecht’s nike outlet center.

tell me what you think of big ass-logo sweaters!!

sweater: nike
jeans: monki
boots: doc martens

photography by marein van hooff

XOXO, daphny

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